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1940s Vintage Pitman & Keeler Two Tone Sweetheart Expansion Bracelet

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A stunning, vintage sweetheart bracelet from Pitman & Keeler.
These bracelets were extremely common during WW2, as soldiers gave them as gifts to their "sweethearts" before going off to war.

This two tone expansion bracelet is so pretty and in excellent condition. It features an engraved gold tone heart, and silver bracelet. This is a less common combination as most are simply gold in color. The bracelet expands and contracts perfectly with no issues. It shows minimal wear from use. It is marked "American Queen, Pitman & Keeler, Sterling Base". These bracelets were made on the smaller side (because they expand) and will fit most snugly. 

The bracelet measures 1 1/2" in diameter. The interior measurement of the bracelet (not stretched) is about 4 1/2".

For reference my wrist is approximately 7". The bracelet fits me snugly, but is not too tight. 


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